Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Conversation from the weekend

I had coffee with KG and KF last weekend, and KG recounted this story about me from several years ago:

"We were on the bay bridge at around 2 a.m., coming home from a poker tournament at Casino San Pablo. A car passed us that had its side pretty well crunched in, and I said, 'Oh, bad beat!' She immediately shot back with, 'Maybe not. Maybe he ran into aces.'"

KF later chewed me out for never telling him this story.

Me: I'd totally forgotten!
KF: How could you forget a story like that?
Me: I just don't remember these things very well.
KF: Yeah, but that's such a good story. I can't believe you'd forget it.
Me: Why should I remember it? I have KG for that.
KF: Oh! Offsite storage. That's OK then.
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