Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Vehicle Hell, the sequel

Well, not quite so hellish at this end.

To get to my house you hop off the freeway, turn right at the light, go a short block to a stopsign, and then turn right at the stop. Voila! You're in front of my loft. People often take both turns at fairly high speed, since they're still in a freeway state of mind.

Tonight, as I was turning right onto my street, I noticed that there was a police cruiser sitting at the corner with its lights off. A very small number of seconds later, said police cruiser was on my tail, lights blaring.

"Fuck me with a nightstick", I thought to myself. "Today is just not my day."

Officer Friendly came up to the car and said, "You sure blew through that stop sign back there." I made my best apologetic noises, and explained that I hadn't intended to run the stop.

He took a quick look at my license, and asked me if I still lived on Walter Street. "No, I live right there", I said, pointing to my building.

He handed my license back. "Take it easy at that stop. There are bicyclists around here." And he sent me on my way.

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