Patti (whipartist) wrote,


Three days of employment left.

I have an exit interview scheduled for tomorrow-- this should be interesting. It's a small company, and feedback will generally go to the CEO and the VP above me. The VP above me happens to be my boss, and he's the person I'd be giving a lot of feedback about, so I may have to tread carefully on this.

I talked to the HR person about it some, and explained that I wouldn't want all of what I say to get directly to my boss, since that would likely constitute a professional bridge-burning event. Though thinking about it now, I'm not so sure I care.

Today I got dragged into a really painful meeting wherein it became obvious that there was a distinct lack of leadership, and that we had a serious technical problem to solve. I was surprised that I actually cared quite a bit about getting people to do what I thought were the right things. Why do I care? I'm history.

Somebody was kind enough to post today's "short-timer" Dilbert outside my office, and save me the trouble.
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