Patti (whipartist) wrote,


It's nice to have a couple of days with no work and no social obligations. While I tend to hate christmas, the upside for me is a couple of days of free time.

I upgraded the hard drive in my Tivo yesterday, which I find just thoroughly disturbing. Two months ago I essentially hadn't watched television in 25 years. Now I have cable, and I've replaced the 40gb drive in my unit with a 120gb drive, and I have a second drive ready to go in as soon as I get the bracket. (The drives were on sale at Fry's for $40 each. Yay!)

Today I'm cooking-- chicken tikka masala and naan, neither of which I've made before. I'm optimistic that the chicken will turn out good, but the naan is a big wildcard.

I'm also reading, playing poker, and watching movies. Downtime is a beautiful thing.

Sunday morning I fly to LA, back Monday night.
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