Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Review of dinner

(I'm using the Pudaite scale, as a tribute to undersupervised... the range is -10 to 10.)

Chicken tikka masala: 5

It was reasonably good, but not stunningly so. Then again, how bad can something be that contains a carton of heavy cream and a stick of butter, plus tasty spices? The running joke around my office is that crack is one of the ingredients of the sauce. I didn't quite manage that level of can't-stop-eating-it good, but it was pretty damned decent for a first effort. I'm happy with the base recipe, and now it's time to tweak.

Naan: -4

The first batch was way overcooked. The second batch was just slightly overcooked. The third was the best, but it was just a hair undercooked. I can see this is going to take some practice.

Injuries: 1.5

People who know me know that I shouldn't be left alone in a kitchen without first-aid-trained adult supervision. I managed not to cut myself at all, and scored only very minor burns when I reached for a pan that had just been taken out of a broiling oven. No cuts and no blisters is actually a bit above expectation.

In other news, this having cable thing is weird. How can I have 82,319 channels and there's nothing on?
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