Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Week in miscellany

Tuesday evening I went to a rope bondage course taught by Midori. I didn't learn a whole lot, but it was great good fun nonetheless. I think the best part was watching half the class rag on Jay Wiseman all at once. "He fetishizes safety", is the best description I've ever heard of him.

Yesterday afternoon, MotoJava called to tell me that they got the Harlot running. She's been sitting in a garage being neglected for quite a while, so this is exciting!

Yesterday I went to Blondie's, drank Deep Blue Funks, and listened to Project Pimento perform. Who can resist a lounge band that has a theremin? It's all crayonbeam's fault.

Tonight I'm sore! I hired a personal trainer, and my first session with her was this morning. All afternoon and evening, various parts of my body have been complaining at different times. It's a grand and glorious thing.

Tomorrow morning I'm off to LA. Lucky me.
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