Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Misaddressed email

I have a domain that is very similar to a lot of other ones out there... my domain is, and there is a,,,,,,, etc... and those are just the ones I know about. Because anything winds up in my mailbox, I get a fair bit of misaddressed email.

A couple of years ago, a company in Singapore accidentally set up their company with RecruitAsia, a jobs site (similar to Monster in the US) and had all of the resumes sent to, rather than I was flooded with resumes.

I tried contacting the company several times, but never got a response. RecruitAsia didn't answer either. And even though none of the resumes ever got to them, kept posting new job listings every week. How stupid is that?

In any case, I finally got desperate and tried logging into the site. Hmm, I can't remember what password I used? Oh, OK... I can just have it sent to me. Ah, yes. "ABCDEF", my favorite password. I'll just log in and... do what? Edit all of the job listings to include the phrase, "this company is too stupid to know its own email address"? Post a listing for a call girl? Offer complimentary canings?

I behaved myself; all I did was set the email address to the right one.

Today's misdirected email may be the best yet. I've removed identifying information, but left everything else intact.

Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 23:27:52 CST
Subject: I'm writing.... this, because you're the only person I know who will appreciate it.
Actually, I don't know if there is anything to appreciate.... perhaps the horror....or the pain...or the guts?

Anyway, I just got a letter (snail letter) from my ex husband. Did you even know I had been married before? Divorced in 1987....heard from him once about 4 years ago...and just in the last couple months I've started hearing from him again. Anyway....... in his letter he tells me he's going to have to email me a picture of his body art. HE HAD HIS BALLS TATTOO'D AS GRENADES!!!!!

I think I'm going to wake up in night sweats for a month after hearing this.

P.S. Out of curiosity, I just tried logging into RecruitAsia's site as they haven't changed the password! (And no, it isn't really ABCDEF. You can't try it yourself.)
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