Patti (whipartist) wrote,


Tonight was a company party-- we took over a bar in Hayes Valley, gave out free drinks to everybody who showed up, had live music, and just generally provided a place for people to hang out. It was fun, though I always feel like I have to be on extra special good behavior when it's work-sponsored.

Afterward, I went back to the office so that I could spend some time riding around the traffic-free streets on the motorcycle and get back into the habits of riding. As I pulled up to the bike, I noticed that one of the mirrors was at an odd angle. "That's odd", I thought. A fraction of a second later, the subject line of this entry went screaming through my mind.

I've had the bike back for less than twelve hours, and already some bastard has knocked it over. The damage was fairly minimal-- one (brand new) mirror snapped off, one small scratch on the plastic, one broken but still-fully-functional brake lever, and a piece of the fender broken off. Since it's an old beat-up salvage-title bike, the cosmetic damage is no factor... I'll just dab a touch of black paint on the scratch and all will be well. The mirrors they put on the bike were dirt cheap, so I'm not that torn up about losing one immediately. Mostly, it's just the principle.

Nonetheless, I spent half an hour kicking around the streets behind my office. It was fun! I'm clearly way out of riding practice, but it's coming back quickly. After about twenty minutes, I went over to the traffic circle at 8th/Townsend/Division/Henry Adams and started doing loops. Yay for lean angle, even at low speeds.
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