Patti (whipartist) wrote,

My helmet is too tight

I just got back from the city. I had a wonderful lunch at Slanted Door with crayonbeam, gave her an iPod (compliments of, walked under my favorite fountain, and then took a cab over to the office to pick up my bike.

As I mentioned earlier, except for puttering around the city for a few minutes, I haven't ridden in a few years. Strangely, I was not at all nervous about getting on the freeway or riding across the bay bridge, although I was hyper-paranoid about the bridge when I first started riding. I just headed straight for the onramp and onto the freeway like I did it every day. (OK, I do, but usually I have twice as many wheels and 10x as much metal.)

The approaches are a little bit slow, but about what one would expect on a Saturday afternoon-- just a little bit of stop and go as you come up to the bridge, and some slowness where all the lanes merge. As usual, once you get on the bridge proper and everybody has a lane to love and call their own, traffic opens up.

So there I was, upshifting into fifth gear and letting her fly, and I realized that my helmet was suddenly very tight. I thought for a moment about how strange that was, and then I realized that I was grinning from ear to ear like a bleedin' maniac! I'm pretty sure I also caught myself hollering a few heartfelt yee-haws into the wind, though I'd never admit to it.

Last summer I was thinking to myself that I sort of missed BDSM, and that maybe I should get back into it. Then I started playing with the PLHB, and I realized how terribly much it had been missing from my life. Today I did the same thing with motorcycles.

P.S. Oh my god. Somebody has done a lego model of the Vaillancourt Fountain.
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