Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Pugwash Senator

Tonight I took the Harlot for a ride around the Port of Oakland. I love being down there late at night, because the roads are almost completely empty, and yet the port is still buzzing with life. The cranes that load and unload container ships operate round the clock, and they're beautiful and amazing to watch.

The bike already feels pretty comfortable at speed, but I wanted to do some parking lot drills so I pulled into the Shoreline Park parking lot and started farting around doing U-turns, swerves, and quick stops. I was making loops around the USS Oakland mast when I spotted a road that wasn't open the last time I was there. Ever-curious, I headed down it.

At the end, I found a small parking lot that's right at the edge of the port itself, with a fantastic view of the cranes. The Pugwash Senator was being loaded. These cranes are amazing-- they can lift over seventy tons at once, and can load or unload a container in just two minutes. I stopped and grabbed my camera, but only got a couple of pictures before the batteries went kaput. And then it started raining.

I dodged raindrops for the two- or three-mile trip back to the loft, exchanged the bike for the car, grabbed batteries, and rushed back so that I could get some photos before the parking lot hit the 10 p.m. pumpkin time.

Here they are, unedited and unfiltered. I had the tripod in the car, but I was in a hurry so all of these are handheld. Some turned out pretty good, some are blurry, and some are just blah. A few were taken from across the middle harbor, at Port View Park. Enjoy!

Oh yeah! I just found webcams on the port. Tres cool.
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