Patti (whipartist) wrote,

It's the little things

Or, in this case, the rather large ones-- I have a brand new toybag, and it is wonderful! It's roomy, well-built, and has almost enough pockets to be perfect.

Tonight I moved all my permanently-toybag-resident stuff, such as first-aid kit, water bottle and straws, bandage shears, sharpie markers, and drop cloth from the old bag to the new one. Next I stuffed the almost-permanent stuff in, such as random sensation toys, suspension cuffs, battens, and singletails.

When I was done, I tossed in a reasoanbly large assortment of toys for a playdate, then stepped back to admire the packing job.

The bag was nowhere near stuffed. I knew immediately where to reach for pretty much anything I wanted, and it was all easily accessible. Did I mention the bag wasn't full? I think I could have stuffed a petite yoga-practicing playpartner in there, maybe even without dismembering him or her first.
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