Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Patti's guide to cough drops

I've had this not-bad-but-annoying cough for nearly a month now. For part of that time it's been accompanied by an extremely sore throat, though now it's down to being just barely irritated. Because of this, I've become something of a connoisseur of cough drops. Here are my current ratings, from most powerful to least:

Chloraseptic: the granddaddy of numbing your throat. It contains a healthy dose of something-ocane, and it's the most effective of anything I've tried.

Fisherman's Friend: a close second to Chloraseptic, but it contains menthol rather than whatever-ocane. They taste like they should be stronger, but they aren't. I'm half-convinced that taking too many of these actually burned my mouth and throat.

Ricola: not a whole lot of kick, but effective on relatively minor sore throats and coughs. They're much friendlier and more pleasant to take than either of the abovementioned sledgehammers.

Altoids: not technically a cough drop, but effective on minor coughs and sore throats.
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