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It's been a long week. I had to get to work at oh-dark-hundred Wednesday morning to do a site rollout, only to have our VP of engineering balk at the final performance test numbers and abort. So I had to be back in the office at the same ludicrous hour Thursday morning to repeat the process.

It went well, and unlike some of our other changes, the users liked it. No, they loved it! Actually, most people haven't seen the changes, but a few have cool customizable profiles now. (If you're on Tribe and you want to convert yours, let me know.)

I bought a Playstation 2. It's something I've sort of wanted for a long time, but I've always come to my senses before I actually forked over any money. Our DBA has been raving about this game she's been playing, though, so I broke down and bought one. And the game.

Oh my god. Katamari Damacy is one of the most unusual games I've ever seen. It's awesome! Can I just say that my thumbs hurt, and I really should have gone to bed earlier last night.

I also bought DDR and a dance pad. I can see that this is going to eat some of my time. Maybe it will also eat some of my hips... I can see myself getting competitive and stubborn with it.

Tomorrow night (OK, technically tonight) I have tickets to see John Irving speak. I got them back when I was miserably sick... one morning I woke up to KQED's pledge drive, and they were giving away two tickets for a $200 pledge. I was in a Nyquil-induced fog, but I rolled over, fumbled for my cel phone, and recited my Visa number from memory. And voila! I get to see my favorite author. How cool is that?
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