Patti (whipartist) wrote,

A round for the bar!

I played in the Oaks limit holdem tournmanet today. The buyin is $260 by the time all is said and done ($100 buyin, two $80 rebuys) and I finished third for a gross of around $2500.

With thirty or forty players left, I had J7d one off the button. I decided to raise to steal the blinds, but got called by both of them. They both had smaller but not really short stacks.

The flop came A55, and it was checked to me. I bet once, representing an ace, in the hopes that I could take it down. My plan was to give up if I got called. Much to my surprise, both players called me.

The turn was a jack, and I checked behind after it was checked to me.

The river was a jack. The small blind checked, and the big blind bet. After a very short think I decided that my play was to just call, hoping to get the small blind to call behind. Raising would likely drive them both out-- nobody could possibly call with a hand that was worse than mine.

Much to my surprise, the small blind checkraised! I didn't like that so very much. The big blind, a solid player, looked thoroughly disgusted and made some comment about how he couldn't believe the guy caught running jacks, and he couldn't believe he had to fold this. (He wasn't acting.) He folded. I was very afraid of AJ at this point, and called saying, "I sure hope we're chopping this."

To my even greater surprise, he turned over A9. The big blind said that he'd had A5, and had flopped the boat. I took down a huge pot. In retrospect, I think I played it fine, and just got very lucky... had either of the other hands so much as thought about putting a bet into the pot on the flop or turn, I would have run for the hills. But I *did* catch a very thin draw... no doubt about it.

Afterward, I headed over to San Francisco for a munch. This particular munch is monthly, and is held at a bar in Noe Valley. I figured there'd be a couple dozen people, and I was feeling generous, so I gave the bartender my credit card and told her to put all the drinks for munch people on my tab.

Pervs are cheap dates! The total bill was well under ten bucks a head, including a nice tip for the bartender.
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