Patti (whipartist) wrote,

My trip to the grocery store

Down to the garage, onto the bike.

Out to the port and Middle Harbor park, down to the Hanjin terminal. The Penang Senator was being loaded, but all the cranes were far away from the park, so I only stayed for a minute.

Back to the main parking lot. Quick stop to tell the nice police officer who was out working his dogs that I was going to go spend some time riding around the parking lot, and that I hadn't lost my mind. "As long as you aren't doing wheelies and burnouts, that's fine." Nope.

Spent 45 minutes riding around the parking lot doing U-turns, panic stops, swerves, and just generally getting my low-speed handling confidence back.

Out of the park, onto the freeway (dang, it's cold!) Out to Alameda via one of the scary metal-grating bridges. Around the south part of the island, quick stop at Safeway. Back on the bike, up the western shore, east, north as far as I could go... found the closest point across the water from where my favorite cranes are. Back on the bike, back to Oakland, into the garage.

Good thing the cat wasn't starving.
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