Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Cooking is fun!

It's unbelievably nice to be able to cook in a kitchen when you aren't always shoveling someone else's dirty dishes off the stove, the counter, out of the sink, and off the table, throwing away the cheese wrappers they left on the counter, wiping up the juice and crumbs that they left behind yesterday, and putting away all the stuff they left out. Oh, and not living with a self-appointed food critic who feels it's not only his right, but his responsibility to point out that the soup is a little bit runny and the cookies could have used more vanilla, and maybe you should try adding almonds instead of walnuts.

I'm not a gourmet chef (and I hate to break it to Mr. Food Critic, but he isn't either), but I enjoy cooking. I really enjoy baking, but I'm on a personal crusade to make my hips smaller, so I'm not doing much of that right now. But for four years, I rarely cooked anything, and I almost never cooked for other people.

Last week I made a curried butternut squash soup, which was quite delicious.

Saturday night I cooked dinner for a friend. We had spaghetti carbonara, asparagus in balsamic vinegar, and for dessert, poached pears in a port wine reduction, served with vanilla ice cream. Mmmmmmm.

Oh! And I'm officially on the dole-- I got my first unemployment check today.
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