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So I'm gonna be sort of one-track for a little while. I tend to buy a car on average about once a decade, so I'm pretty wired about it.

I went out to go for a drive a couple of hours ago, and when I got out to the street I did a doubletake. And then I just stared at it for a bit. ("Holy fuck. That's my car!")

I like cruising around with the top down and the heater on. ("Holy fuck! I own a convertible! I've always wanted one.")

The thing handles like a dream, and has plenty of power without being overwhelming. ("Yo. Check it out. This isn't your 20-year-old BMW. It even has a working speedometer.")

One must be careful not to offend when one is blasting the stereo with the top down. ("If you feel blue, my advice to you is poop your fucking pants!") (I'm not making this up; it's from Jerry Springer, the Opera.)
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