Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Now that's service!

Back in July of last year, I ordered a replacement motor for my ice cream maker. It was, how shall I say, a bit slow in arriving. Here are my unedited notes from talking to them on the phone:

Original order July 19, hit credit card 7/22
Estimated delivery, two weeks.

talked to someone in support... due in about two weeks.

Talked to Deborah
She said parts will be in 11/29
She is calling Delonghi corporate office to figure out
what real status is, and will call me back probably on
Monday. (She never did.)

Talked to someone. He said it should have been in on
11/29, so is either having trouble clearing customs, or
it didn't make the boat and will be on the next one. I
suggested that every time I call I get told two weeks but
nothing ever happens, and that it's beginning to smell
like fraud to me.

He immediately transferred me to someone named Natalie.
She said that if the parts weren't in stock in New Jersey
they got shipped from Italy, which takes three months.
(Nobody ever told me three months, only two weeks.) What
happened is that DeLonghi shipped 220V motors rather than
110V, and that they're being replaced now. She offered
to refund my credit card and send me the part at no charge
when it comes in. I asked her to do so, and to send me a
letter summarizing the conversation.

Talked to Deborah, who wound up talking to Natalie.

They will refund my credit card, but they can't actually
issue the refund until the part is shipped, because then I
would go to the back of the queue rather than maintain my
current position.

I explained that I had no reason to believe anything that
she said given past track record, and pointed out that she
may have been the same Deborah who promised to call me back
on 11/12 but never did. I asked her to please send me a
paper letter confirming this conversation. She offered to
send email, but I asked for paper. "At this point, I'd
really prefer to have a paper trail."

She repeated the wrong-motors story as well.

I got a letter from them confirming what they told me on the phone.

When I got home from work today, there was a box outside my door. "What the hey? I didn't order anything!" But I did. It took them just under ten months to get it to me.

I wonder if they'll actually refund my credit card.
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