Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Random notes

How to turn me into a service submissive: wreck your motorcycle. It's also how to get me to make you both brownies and strawberry margarita sorbet, and deliver them to your door. However, it's probably not worth it.

Random scene from the hospital: nurse looks at PLHB, and the two women that have been hanging out with him all day. "And who are these two?"

A pregnant pause. "This is my wife. And this is my girlfriend." We all found it amusing, because neither word was at all accurate to describe the relationships, but there was nothing better. The nurse just smiled and said something about her life being complicated too.

I love the movie Cabaret. "Screw Maximilian." "I do." Long pause. "So do I."

Captain Asshole busted out before I did at the Oaks (no surprise.) I paid a buck to the guy who busted him, just 'cause.

My convertible top leaks. Blah. It's not too bad, but some water comes in between the front of the top and the windshield.
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