Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Down Under

When you fly United from Los Angeles to Sydney, you get two meals, two snacks, three movies, one very sore back, and countless hours of wishing you were there yet.

The trip is worth it, though! Melbourne is lovely. The hotel is quite luxurious-- Gucci and Prada stores in the attached shopping area, huge marble bathrooms with separate shower and oversize jacuzzi tub, and a great view of the river and the city. Housekeeping just came by to bring us a bucket of ice, and turn down the beds.

Oh! And there's ethernet in the room. It's AUS$20/day (About US $11), but that's way cheaper than trying to dial up. I set up a wireless base station. Yes, I'm a geek. Why do you ask?

Crossing the river gets us to the usual city center tourist area, with gift shops, restaurants, duty-free shops, other shopping, and all of the usual amenities. After we checked in, we wandered over there for lunch and to pick up mobile phone SIMs. (Sick and twisted person that I am, I have a local phone number.)

Did you know that you can buy coin purses here that are made of kangaroo scrotums? Yes, it's true. The big advantage is that they have no seams. Frankly, I've never found seams in a coin purse to be a huge impediment, but I suppose seamless is better. Keith keeps saying, "They do grow back, right?"
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