Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Actual conversation from a restaurant today

The players are myself, my mother, and two women who walked in right in front of us. One of the women was mid- to late-40s, and the other was probably her mother. I'll call them YW and OW for sake of discussion.

To the best of my knowledge, this is a transcript of the conversation:

(YW and OW chat for a bit while waiting for the host. It becomes obvious that the owner of the restaurant is the brother of their church's pastor. We wait a couple of minutes with nobody coming out to greet us. A man walks by.)

OW: There he is. That's Pastor LoRusso's brother.

YW: How can you tell?

OW: There's his picture on the wall.

(Another minute or so passes.)

OW: Boy, they sure don't pay much attention to you, do they?

Me: Would you like me to pay attention to you while we wait? I'd be happy to. How are you doing today? Isn't the weather beautiful?

OW: Yes, it was quite lovely.

YW. (Turning around) Very nice. What church do you go to?

Me: I'm from San Francisco.

Mom: I'm from north county... northwest county.

(The host shows up, and it turns out that he is indeed the pastor's brother. And our tables will be a couple of minutes. We start chatting again.)

YW: And what church do you go to?

Mom: St. Martin de Porres.

YW: Oh, I know that one! Friday fish frys, yes?

Mom: No, that's (some other Catholic church in the area.)

(YW looks at me and starts to open her mouth, but mercifully her table is ready.)

Me: Have a nice dinner.

YW: God bless you.

I swear, if I ever get asked that question again, I'm going to answer Temple of Atonement.
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