Patti (whipartist) wrote,

This day in stats

LJ friends spotted: lots, including rmd terrencechan billandmatt (they count as two) allknight adb_davoice walterzuey

Other friends spotted: lots, including Greg Raymer (who actually spotted me as I walked by, completely oblivious), Nolan Dalla

Number of soon-to-be-stepbrothers spotted: 0

Hands of poker played: 0

Number of times I used the word hoser: 197 (precisely)

Number of times I heard the word hoser: 13,927 +/- 10%

Pages of an upcoming poker math book I read: about 15

Sentences of an upcoming poker math book I understood: about 15

Hours of sleep I'm going to get before the tournament tomorrow: not enough

Room service meals eaten in someone else's hotel room: two

Number of times Bill took off his pants in front of me: one

Hats purchased: just one, but it matches my hair brilliantly

Number of people who have commented on my hair: seven, no, eight

Number of people who have asked if it's my real hair: three

Cel phones that have threatened to give up the ghost: one, dammit

Number of poker players who have told me they fantasize about me: one

Number of LJ friends who made the money in WSOP tournaments today: two. (Go Terrence! Go Adam!)

Number of stupid things I've heard being said about poker: too many to count
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