Patti (whipartist) wrote,

WSOP result

rmd and I played the ladies' event at the WSOP today.

We both made the money. She finished in the high 40s (54 paid, of 601 entrants), and I finished 23rd or so. I'm beat, but I played extremely well, was doing quite well at the money cut, then lost a couple of hands and couldn't ever manage to get my chips in.

Jennifer Tilly was on my immediate right for a couple of hours, and I saw her go on an amazing rush, winning like seven hands in a row. AA, KK (top set), AJ (top two, and filled), a steal or two, A9 vs KJ, etc. Every hand... it was phenomenal.

And it SERIOUSLY cramped my style. My hands were tied, and there were no moves I could make.
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