Patti (whipartist) wrote,

This day in amusements

The PLHB and I decided that we were going shopping for motorcycle gear today, to replace the stuff that he trashed in the accident. It was, among other things, a way of celebrating the fact that he's nearly recovered and will be able to ride again soon. (Yay! Hallelujah!)

We were in his shiny new red Mustang convertible. On the way to the city we got stuck in a nasty backup on the approaches to the bridge. The car in front of us was a jeep with two adorable blond boys, cleary brothers, sitting in the back. They looked to be about nine or ten years old, I'd guess.

They were amusing themselves by waving at us and making peace signs, so we responded in kind. We then got into a battle of funny faces, with my fuchsia Cousin It impression taking the prize. A few minutes later, we realized that they'd taken to playfully mimicing everything that we did, so after a few silly things, we gave each other a long sloppy kiss. The boys didn't know what to do with that-- one was game, but the other was reluctant. Eventually they managed a goofy peck followed by big grins in our direction.

A few minutes later, a rock-paper-scissors match broke out between me and one of the boys. The score was 3-3 when I decided to mix it up and throw moose. The next half dozen throws were all silly hand gestures from one direction or the other. We waved a cheerful farewell as they went through the toll plaza-- they were great kids!

First stop in the city-- my friend's motorcycle shop. I wanted to introduce the two guys, and see if there was anything in the shop that the PLHB wanted. They got along brilliantly, *and* PLHB found a jacket, pants, and gloves that worked well for him. And at an unexpected and quite obscene discount, too.

We wandered over to Cycle Gear to find a helmet, scored relatively quickly, and headed out for pizza. Our destination, Little Star, was closed for the weekend, so we went to Zachary's in Oakland. Mmmmmm. There is nothing better than good Chicago style pizza.

Post-pizza, we wound up at my favorite park in Oakland so that we could take pictures of the new car. The park was essentially deserted at 6 p.m., much to our surprise. Of course, a topless car deserves topless photos, right? And what better place than a public park in broad daylight? (No, I'm not posting them. Sorry!)

Final stop: the Parkway theater in Oakland, for beer and a very bizarre movie called Crash.
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