Patti (whipartist) wrote,


Fruits dismembered tonight:

Two melons
Two pineapples
Two containers of strawberries
Six kiwis
Four mangoes
Three cans of mandarin oranges (just chopped into bits)

Veggies dismembered tonight:

Two red bell peppers
A bunch of scallions

Dishes prepared tonight:

One hellaciously large fruit salad
Jerk tofu (five pounds of tofu!)
A huge pot of caribbean rice

Tomorrow evening there's a surprise birthday party for the PLHB. No doubt he's completely thrown off the scent of this one by the other surprise party we had for him Wednesady night. (The first was kinkyfolk only... the one tomorrow is mostly coworkers and vanilla friends.)

And the whole thing was finished just in time to walk over to Barnes & Noble for the midnight release of you-know-what. Unfortunately, I picked up John Irving's newest book today, so choosing one to read first will be a bit of a dilemma.
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