Patti (whipartist) wrote,

What a day!

Last night: prepared a huge pile of food for a surprise party.

Today: dropped off food, chairs, and tables at the party venue. Met up with the PLHB and a co-conspirator for brunch. Hauled the PLHB off to Pinole for adb_foldem's party. Several LJers were in attendance, including aiglet, someone I've been chatting with for nearly a decade, but have never met. She's as lovely and charming as I expected her to be.

The PLHB played his second poker game ever, and his first tournament, and placed third of nine. Not bad! He was ecstatic, and told me all the way back to my place what a good time he had.

We scrambled from the party so that we could swing by my loft and pick up my spare motorcycle for him to ride for a while, since he's recovering nicely from his accident. He drove my car and I took the bike down to his house, where we arrived within a handful of minutes of the exact time I was supposed to get him there.

He was completely surprised-- he had no clue!

I am a damned fine liar when I choose to be-- it's surprisingly easy for me. I can be both consistent and convincing, and I can think on my feet to cover unexpected situations. I'm pretty happy that I don't choose to do it often, since I don't really like doing it all that much. My co-conspirators deemed it "benevolent deception" in this case.
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