Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Aren't they cute?

Aren't they adorable?

Starting when I left the office Friday afternoon, I spent the entire weekend on social time-out. I'd kind of fried myself over the last few weeks, and there were a lot of little errandy things that I needed to do, so I just checked out for a couple of days. I forbid myself to schedule any social engagements for the entire weekend.

One task: When my mother got married a couple of weeks ago, I took my digital SLR along and the PLHB took photos while I did the matron of honor thing. We wound up with quite a few really good shots, so I decided that my wedding present to them would be a very nice wedding album. I just finished it about five minutes ago, and it turned out quite lovely. My printer does stunning prints of up to 13x19, and I'm extremely happy with the camera + printer combination.

I also washed the car, got the oil changed, cleaned the loft, threw out all my underwear and replaced it, did four loads of laundry, and played a fair bit of poker online. I feel much better now.

Oh, and the picture above? It's somewhere in the middle of the album, as an 8x10. It's just unspeakably adorable.
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