Patti (whipartist) wrote,

LaLa Land

I'm in LA. Playing poker. And trying to hack up a lung... I hate being sick. I was feeling better on the drive down, but once I got here, cough cough cough. I hate smog.

Tonight I was feeling too sick to play anymore (though there's a 6-12 with a full kill omaha game across the street with one player who raises nearly every hand, and has donated about six racks during the time I've played with him.) I'm curled up in the room catching up on email, and watching TV.

Now, I never watch TV, so this is quite an experience for me. My bizarre discovery is a show called Extreme Dating. Maybe the rest of you know about this, but this is really strange. I guess you could call it a reality show, even though the hostess's tits were not created by nature.

The premise is this: a guy and a girl, mostly young hip types, get set up on a date through some mechanism I haven't yet discovered. They spend the day together, doing some sort of activities in the afternoon (I've seen workouts, henna tattoos, shopping, and ping pong), then go out to dinner together. At least one of the couples went hot tubbing after dinner. Cameras follow them around, of course.

The girl has an earpiece. Two of the guy's ex-girlfriends are watching the date on video, and commenting to the girl during the date. "Ask him how many women he's slept with." "Ask him how old his last girlfriend was." "He likes to suck on toes." "He's a player." "He said that to me too."

I'm both horrified and fascinated by this stuff, but I can't imagine spending more than a few hours of my life watching. People actually do this all the time?
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