Patti (whipartist) wrote,

I never thought I'd be saying this

Today I find myself reconsidering my personal position on gun ownership.

I loathe guns. Despise them. Hate them with a passion. If a genie showed up and granted me one wish, it might well be to make all guns disappear from the planet permanently.

I also think that having a gun for self defense in a typical urban environment is pretty stupid. The odds of my winding up in a situation where I need to defend myself are pretty bloody low, and the odds are far lower that if it ever happens, I'll have easy access to a hypothetical gun that I own.

Watching the devastation of Katrina has reminded me that it's possible for my typical urban environment to become atypical very quickly. If we had a really major earthquake tomorrow, I could envision finding myself in a similar lawless chaos to what's happening in New Orleans right now.

I guess that means I've finally imagined a situation in which I might find a weapon useful. I think it's a longshot that I'll ever actually be there, but maybe a gun is something that belongs in the emergency supplies with water and food.
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