Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Go fly a kite

There's a kite shop in Berkeley. It's actually a truck that parks at the Berkeley marina on weekends and sells kites and accessories... as far as I can tell, it's nearly the only decent kite shop in the bay area.

I went by there today to pick up some string, since I wanted to make a couple sets of shorter lines than my kite came with. While I was there, a cute little kite caught my eye. Hey, I wonder if it's small enough to fit into my motorcycle luggage?

It wasn't, but he suggested this one, which breaks down small enough that it probably is. And it was cheap. So of course I bought it, and then took it for a flight.

Oh. My. God. The thing is fast! It was pretty windy, and I dove it into the ground pretty hard a couple of times while I was getting the hang of it. I eventually wound up playing mostly at the edge of the wind and keeping it out of the center, because every time I brought it in the thing tried to pull me off my feet and moved so fast I had no time to react. YIKES! Fun!

On my way back to the car, I stopped again to buy a better set of wrist straps. And then told the owner that if I came back for anything else today, the answer to, "Do you have..." was to be no.

I couldn't resist. I took the floater out for a quick flight, since I'd never had it up in heavy winds. It doesn't move quite as fast as the Nexus, but it's still a blast. And it doesn't pull hard enough to make my arms sore.

Since I now have to kites, anybody want to go flying with me?
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