Patti (whipartist) wrote,

One Of Those (Poker) Days

Garden City, the Thursday evening limit holdem event. I've arrived late, so I'm at an alternates table that doesn't play the first round. In the next two rounds, I get AA, QQ, and QQ, and lose them all. Rebuy! Shortly after the rebuy period I get AK repeatedly and lose each one, and I'm out very quickly.

There's a seat in a reasonable-looking 20-40, so I take it. On my right is a young asian kid who is playing lots of hands, and is down to his last hundred bucks. Suddenly, he goes on a rush. He starts playing every hand, raising every thin draw (and then hitting most of them), and stacks chips like crazy. Maybe an hour and a half later he gets up and cashes out $3600.

The guy on my left is an older gentleman, a fairly solid player. While the kid is away from the table, we're discussing how "amazing" he is, and how he's getting lucky with trash we couldn't even play.

After the kid leaves, the older guy goes on a rush. Suddenly he's playing every hand, raising draws, and hitting everything. An example hand has me holding AJd, him holding Q7d, one opponent holding A9o, and a fouth player holding 66. The board winds up being 5d 4d 2h 3c 6c. The nut flush draw and wheel gets nothing, the wheel gets nothing (and deserved nothing), and the six high straight gets counterfeited with a one-outer and gets nothing. The garbage flush draw takes it all.

Eventually the formerly solid player gets up and cashes out $4800, up $3700 from his initial buyin.

During this sequence, I was lucky to only dump two racks into the game. I had five sets cracked in the space of three and a half hours.

Sometimes I hate this game.
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