Patti (whipartist) wrote,


Last night the PLHB allowed as how he might enjoy being decorated for Folsom with leather-pride-colored ropework, if I happened to have the rope for it. I don't-- I have black and blue, but not red or white.

And as I started thinking about it, I realized that the rope I use for bondage was too thick to do the sort of multi-strand decorative work that I was envisioning. I'd need to get thinner stuff if i wanted to do this well. But hey... one can never have too much rope, right?

Today I drove up to San Rafael so that I could go to Dharma Trading to get acid dye in the right colors. On the way home, I stopped at Home Depot. In typical overkill fashion, I picked up an 800-foot spool of 1/4" braided nylon rope. Nothing exceeds like excess, and you can never have too much rope, right? Besides, it's cheaper by the spool.

I also picked up four 50' lengths of 1/8" nylon... I expect it will mostly be braided into four-color strands, since it's too small to be very useful on its own.

The red is cut, dyed, washed, and dried. The black is cut, dyed, and is being washed. Tomorrow I do the blue and white, and then sit down and whip a buttload of ends.
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