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A very bad beat story

I'm in a live holdem game at CSP, having busted out of the tournament earlier than I would have liked. It's a fairly lively game, and there are a couple of interesting soft spots. It's definitely an action game, and the variance is high, but I'm happy to be there.

On one hand, I'm one off the button with pocket sixes. It's folded to me, so I raise to steal the blinds. The big blind, who I might charitably describe as an action player, calls. I don't find this at all surprising, nor is it disturbing.

What does surprise me is the flop -- 664. As expected, he fires at it. I pause briefly, thinking about what to do later and how to extract the most bets from him, and call.

The turn is a jack. "Dear poker gods, please let him have a jack", I think to myself. He fires, and I call.

The river is a jack. "Please please please, let him have a jack." He fires. I pause briefly, and then raise. He reraises. I raise a silent thank you-- "YES! YES! I love you poker gods!" I four bet.

He five bets without hesitation. And suddenly I'm certain that I'm dead, and the murder weapon is a 990:1 shot. "Oh my god. You have quad jacks, don't you?" I call, and turn the sixes up. He turns over pocket jacks.

The super jackpot for holdem is at $71,000. The qualifier is quad fours beaten, with the usual stipulations (both cards must play, etc.)

And I'm in the only fucking live game in the entire cardroom that doesn't have a jackpot drop.
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