Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Marketocracy challenge

In last night's entry, I noticed that I had ignored "mutual funds" that I'd set up on Marketocracy, and mused about the results. I also proposed a challenge-- pick a letter, set up your own fund containing only stocks whose ticker symbols start with that letter, and then ignore it for a year.

The rules:

- Pick a letter
- Set up your fund on Marketocracy containing only stocks whose ticker symbols start with that letter
- Post your initial asset allocation in this thread
- Do all of this no later than October 7, 2005-- that's a week from today
- Ignore the fund for one year-- you can look, but no meddling
- Two people can pick the same letter
- Funds don't have to be conforming-- you can stick 100% of your funds in Intel if you'd like. Or in cash.

On October 7, 2006, whoever has the highest fund value will win a prize, supplied by me. Yes, I'm eligible to win my own prize.

sneaux is already in, and he's picked Q. I'm in, and I'm taking P for Patti. Anyone else?
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