Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Yay for shopping!

Last week, someone on LJ mentioned that she was selling a black leather Dark Gardens corset that looked to be my size. I got in touch with her, and today I went down to check it out. It fit! And it came home with me.

I stopped to hang out with the PLHB on the way home. We flew kites, had dinner, and then had great good fun trying it on and getting it laced up. It is... oooh, very tasty!

When I got home I needed to do online traffic school for a ticket I got a few months ago. I put the corset on but didn't lace it tight, and then sat down at the computer and sat up Very Straight while I worked my way through traffic school. At least it kept me amused while I tried to remember how many hundred feet one had to stay behind an emergency vehicle.
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