February 20th, 2004

More on those flowers

I exchanged some email with Darren Barefoot this evening.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to the flower market at oh-dark-hundred to pick up a big ole pile of flowers, which I'll take down to city hall as soon as I can sneak out of the office. I think I'll be down there on Saturday too.

Expect photos.


I was on the bay bridge this morning when I heard the NPR voice saying, "The time is six a.m."

First stop: the flower market. Many of the shops are wholesale-only, but I found one place that did retail and had exactly what I wanted. Total haul: eight dozen red roses, fourteen mixed bouquets.

Next stop: bagels for the office.

Now: the office. Must do major release. Rah.

Next: city hall to hand out tons of flowers.

Total sleep: just under three hours.