February 23rd, 2004


Late Saturday night I placed my first geocache and registered it at http://www.geocaching.com/.

Somebody found it Sunday, and someone else found it today. This is so cool! It's at a quiet little park on the bay just a few blocks from my house, and it's pretty easy to find even if you don't have a GPS-- between the map and the hint, you could just go to the park and figure out where it is.

Besides the standard-issue logbook, I started the cache with a few balls, some bubble soap, a few poker chips, and a bar of soap that I brought back from Hawaii. Oh, it also had a fairly nice pen in it as a gift for the first finder.

It also acquired a travel bug today-- a numbered dogtag that travels around the world from cache to cache. In this case, the tag is attached to a little doll named Ottawa Oswald who started off in Ohio back in July, and who is slowly making his way back to Canada. Follow the link to see a picture of him, and a history of where he's been. I wonder how long he'll stay?

I stopped by on the way home from my office tonight just so that I could read the logbook and say hi to Oswald.