March 13th, 2004

Conversation with a coworker

Yesterday when I walked into the office a coworker started an IM conversation with me. The transcript:

coworker: Don't turn around oh WA OOOHH
coworker: der commisar's in town oh WA OOOOHH
me: superfreak superfreak, she's superfreaky
coworker: ok you win

Don't fuck with me, bud. You'll lose.

An honest day's work

My company moved our data center from a slimy place in Fremont to a decent facility in San Francisco today. This meant showing up at the Fremont facility at 8:something, taking the site down, unracking two racks full of equipment, hauling it to San Francisco, racking it all up in the new place, getting everything connected, and then fixing the half-dozen problems that will inevitably arise at the new location.

I'm QA. The data center isn't really my job, but my last job was Director of Operations. I've done a lot of data center moves in my time, quite a few of which I did at my last copany with the guy who is running operations for us now. (He was Director of Ops at my last company. When he left I got his job. When I got to this company, I dragged him over to be our ops guy.)

I volunteered to help out. I am a fool.

I stayed out drinking until 1:15 or so last night, knowing full well that I had to be in Fremont somewhat earlier than I usually get out of bed.

I am a fool.

I made it. With only one minor adventure, we got everything out of the old facility by about 10:30. While standing in the parking lot outside there, I pulled out my phone so that I could give one of the other guys directions to the new facility, since I'd conveniently SMSed them to myself.

As I was heading into San Francisco, I pulled out my phone to get the directions myself, and couldn't find it. SHIT! That's a brand new $500 phone! But worse, it has the directions. I wound up pulling over into a parking lot, grabbing the laptop, and using some mapping software that game with my GPS to figure out where to go.

I ran into the aboementioned other guy as we pulled into the new building, borrowed his phone, and called mine... my assumption was that it was in my car, but that was not the case at all. Yikes!

The install was time-consuming and niggling, but largely uneventful, and I made it out of there around 5:30, at which point I got back in the car and headed south again.

When I pulled into the parking lot of the old facility (all the way back to freakin' Fremont), I spotted the phone laying on the ground. Whew!

I stopped at Fry's on the way home and scored the geocache that's hidden there.

Total round-trip for the day: about 175 miles. I'm exhausted.