April 10th, 2004

Why I love living in the bay area

When I got to the hair salon this morning, there was a huge mob of drag queens out front (looking totally faaaabulous, of course) about to climb onto a bus. It was like Priscilla Queen of the Desert, only moreso, and they had all the divalicious energy that one would expect from that sort of group.

My hairstylist was a jewish guy from Bakersfield named Christian. How did a jewish guy wind up with that name? He was named after his father's boyfriend. When he was doing my hair he was very careful with the bleach because he was wearing his boyfriend's designer jeans. He knew precisely what level of bleaching was required to achieve just the right flaming fuchsia.

One of the songs that was played while I was there was a disco remix of Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb. It was so many kinds of wrong that it was beautiful. (There's audio on the website.)

When I was done, I went for a drive up Skyline and wound up sitting under an 1800-year-old redwood. It's really strange to contemplate a living thing that's about the same age as the (christian) bible.

Driving up 280 just south of 92, the fog flowing over the hills was amazingly beautiful.

The fuchsia/purple layers of my hair make a really cool-looking bun.