April 13th, 2004

An observation about myself

There are two classes of people who make me really uncomfortable when they call me ma'am. The first is submissive men... bleah! I'm not a domme, and it infuriates me to get treated like one.

The more interesting category, to me at least, is black men. When a black man calls me ma'am, especially if he's older, it makes me feel like I'm personally responsible for all of the racial oppression that he's suffered throughout his life.

I became conscious of this today as I was leaving the office, and our security guard said, "have a nice day, ma'am" to me with just a hint of a southern accent... or maybe I was imagining the accent. I'm sure he meant nothing by it besides basic politeness, but I felt like I was forcing him to sit on the back of the bus and drink out of a different water fountain. It was very strange.