July 18th, 2004

Challenge-response systems for spam

I hate challenge-response anti-spam systems. Their fatal flaw is that most From addresses are forged, so every time the user of one of these systems gets a piece of spam, the CR software spams a third party with a challenge.

One of my domains is currently being forged a lot, so I get lots of challenges in my mailbox for mail I never sent.

Starting now, I'm going to take the time to confirm every single one of these challenges, so that the asshole who spammed me with a challenge will get the spam he was trying to block.


I declare this the Weekend of Wallowing in Things I Couldn't Eat Before Surgery. I had a Big Mac & Fries. A chicken sandwich with ranch dressing. Pancakes & bacon, with butter on the pancakes. And to top it off, a pepperoni pizza.

I declare tomorrow the Day of Going Back to Eating Healthy Stuff Again.