August 13th, 2004

Final score

Patti: 1
Locked file cabinet with missing key: 0

For about the first half hour it was looking like a shut-out, with the file cabinet being unwilling to budge even after repeated application of every lock pick in Patti's arsenal. When Patti resorted to her secret weapon, however, the file cabinet learned that it was no match for the bright yellow power of DeWalt.

Things in the cabinet that I kept: the title for my car, some old tax returns.

Things in the file cabinet that I threw out: papers from buying my condo in 92, and selling it in 95. Old bank statements from the early 90s, paycheck stubs from Intel, a bunch of screws from god-knows-what, a set of keys to the same thing, the checkbook from an account that I closed in 96, the registration for my old Volvo, the registration for my old Toyota (totaled ten years ago), insurance information for all sorts of things I no longer have, all the records from about a hundred and fifty T-shirts I sold in the mid 90s, and a bunch of stuff that I didn't even bother to identify.

If I'm this much of a packrat, why didn't I keep the key to the file cabinet?