November 26th, 2004

London notes

Thursday evening show: Blood Brothers. I've wanted to see it for a long time, and it's closing in the spring, so when I had the opportunity to snag tickets, I did. It was wonderful-- powerful and dramatic. It's somewhat unusual for musicals to be tragedies, but this one is.

Thanksgiving dinner: Chinese foods at one of the random restaurants in Chinatown. Afterward we went hunting for a bar, and wound up in this delightful but very small jazz club-- I think it had a capacity of about forty people. (Note to self: it was on Greek Street just south of the park.) There was a decent blues ensemble on stage when we got there, and we listned for about 20 minutes before the club closed.

Today I went off to snag seats for Jerry Springer, The Opera and wound up with house seats-- dress circle, front row, center. How can you not like a show that has an operatic chorus singing about being fucked in the ass with barbed wire? I'm looking forward to it coming to San Francisco next spring.

I also managed to get some of my christmas shopping done, caught up on sleep, and had a big pot of mussels at my favorite Belgian restaurant. (OK, it's the only one I know.) Now we're sitting in an internet cafe in soho listening to the drunks outside.