December 29th, 2006

Back to Vegas I go


I'm pretty sure that this is my best perspective for getting the fireworks shots that I want, provided the air is clear. If not, I have a backup plan or two.

It's a good day to be me at the office

When I got to the office today, two things were waiting for me: my first paycheck, and a shiny new lens. The lens is extra-special tasty, because it's L glass (the Canon high-end professional stuff), and it was essentially free. I got it with PokerStars frequent player points.

Strangely, for the second time in my life, I'm working in an office where the absolute closest restaurant is McDonalds-- it's right across the street. Mercifully, there are dozens of others within a couple of blocks, so there's little chance I'll ever wind up in there.

Voice Post:

98K 0:29
“Hi, I'm trying out the new livejournal voice poll system. Which of
these two drivers is the bigger asshole? The one who sits in the left
lane, blocking other people's passing him on I-5, even after 20 cars
have passed on the right hand with plenty of room for him to get over?
Or choice number 2. The guy in the SUV who tailgates us six miles
south. Please vote in this poll by pressing the reply button.”

Transcribed by: elfs