January 22nd, 2009

Creative writing project

Someone gave my gmail address out when she signed up for Classmates today. If my search foo is good, she's a real estate agent in a ritzy neighborhood in Virginia... boooooooring. Her inability to remember her email address became my creative writing opportunity. I was happy to help her discover the interesting things that she'd done with her life:
After high school I spent two years in the marines, but I'm really not cut out for the authoritarian nature of the military-- I barely escaped courts martial!

Instead, I moved to the midwest and completed a dual major in theoretical math and linguistics at the University of Chicago. From there I moved to California, where I finished my PhD in mathematics. While I was in school I supplemented my grad stipends with hours in the local poker rooms. It's easy for a woman with a good body to make a lot of money playing poker. Those guys never knew what hit them.

That's the boring part, though.

I'm definitely a California girl! The political culture of San Francisco suits me, and escaping from the social repression of my home state has been incredibly liberating. Self-exploration has shaped me in wonderful ways. I have become politically active, fighting for womens rights, gay rights, and sexual freedoms.

Between undergrad and grad school I spent six months in Thailand, working with prostitutes to help them improve working conditions and their future opportunities. Many of them had very little education, and it was tremendously rewarding to teach them basic skills.

Unless you're interested in the minutiae of cryptographic research, you probably don't care much about my current job. I can't really talk about it that much, anyway. In my spare time, my partner and I do avant garde performance art with an experimental theater troupe. We are foster parents to six rescue labradoodles.

I bet that's not what you expected me to do after graduation!

I found "her" picture online, and she has a great rack!

OK, sometimes I'm evil. However, I'll give her the password to the account if she asks me for it.