April 15th, 2009

That was hard work

I just flattened, signed, mounted, matted, and signed 21 prints. All I need to do is bag them and pack them, and they'll be ready for the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival store. I'm not done yet-- there are 11 more prints to do, two of which also have to be framed. And then the whole mess needs to be shipped to Seattle within the next few days.

I dislike this work immensely, since it's sort of fussy manual labor, and I'm generally pretty bad at that sort of thing. Tonight was no exception. Someday an art historian who is cataloging my work will look at tonight's mounting job and declare this my early amateurish phase. I did manage to get through all of it without a single significant mistake, though. OK, no major mistakes that I'm aware of. Everything I did was functional, though perhaps a little bit sloppy, but it be just fine.

The whole thing took me about three hours, though I was getting much faster by the end of the evening. Yesterday I was feeling completely overwhelmed by all of the minutiae of preparation, packing, and shipping but right now I'm feeling like I might actually pull it off.