April 30th, 2009

Off to Seattle

I've just finished (over)packing. Tomorrow morning I hop on a plane and head to Seattle for the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. I'm looking forward to it, not just because it's my first major show, but also because I haven't been to Seattle since the mid 90s.

Tomorrow night there's an artists' reception, complete with VIPs and press. Remember a couple of months ago when I was contemplating a problem and thought, "The black leather corset ballgown! Of course!"? The question was, "What in the hell am I going to wear to a white tie event?" With black leather opera gloves, of course.

I'm looking forward to seeing the show, though it's hard to tell whether I'm going to feel ecstatic or like a total poseur when I see my work. I'm hoping for the former, and actually think it's more likely than the latter.

Besides the images in the exhibition, I have a lot of stuff for sale in the store. Cross your fingers that everything sells!