May 24th, 2009


I had my hair re-purpled today. While I was getting it done, I had this conversation with my hairdresser:

"You know what people ask me more than anything about my hair?"

"Hmm. Is it your real hair?"

"Not even close."

"Who is your utterly fabulous hairdresser?"

"That's second. The most common question is 'What color is your hair?'"

"No way. Really? Do they want to know what brand it is or something?"

"Nah. It seems like they just want to know what the color is called, or they just want to say something to me and don't know what to say. I usually tell them fuchsia, but if I'm in a snarky mood or they're obnoxious, I tell them it's green."

She laughed.

An hour later, I was in Home Depot shopping for paving stones. A woman walked by and did a double take, then came back to talk to me.

"What color is your hair?"

She seemed nice enough. "Fuchsia."

"What brand is it? Is that what they call the color?"

That's the first time I've ever had that followup.