May 26th, 2009

CA Supreme Court Decision

Whatever. It's no surprise, and I think it was probably the right decision.

I'm still fucking livid, though. I'm not mad at the supreme court, since I think the decision was perfectly valid. I'm not pissed at the voters, though I could probably work my way up to it. I could probaby manage to be pissed at the Mormon political machine and the money they poured into the state, but I'm not. They were just playing the game the best way they could.

I'm pissed at Equality California. I'm pissed at the ineffective kumbaya campaign that they ran. I'm pissed that I gave these idiots even a dime of my money. I'm pissed that they took what should have been a slam dunk election and swished it right into the trash can. I'm pissed that we let our opponents use strong emotional appeals and scare tactics while we respond with fluffy bunny rhetoric like "it's unfair and wrong." Our opponents are playing hardball while we have tea and crumpets.

I'm pissed that the discussion right now is, "Should we try in 2010, or wait until 2012?" We should not fucking try AT ALL until we know how to win. I'm pissed that we don't know how to turn our outrage into effective action.

Mostly I'm pissed that their side plays the game better than we do, and we don't even realize that.