August 31st, 2009

Cats and music

jnala "Perish like a fading horse" isn't what you think it is.

slfisher #3 is what you asked.

rmd1023 Very close on #3. Miles off on #11.

essaying *almost* right on #5.

I can tell who the musical people are on my list. I'm a little disappointed that nobody got #8, since lots of my friends should know it. #18 too, but in a totally different way.

And I'm happy to say that I woke up to lots of video of kittens exploring the world. They wandered around, ate, drank, peered into the dryer, used both litter boxes, pounced on each other, and generally had a grand good time exploring the world. Although I didn't catch it on video, someone knocked the toothpaste off the counter. I promise I'm not going to turn into one of those annoying pet owners who photographs and films every tiny little thing and shares it with a disinterested world, but... OK, for a couple of days maybe.